Meet Thamara

Certified Life Coach, Pedagogue & Teacher

I am a multi-passionate coach who is honest, reliable, spontaneous, and sometimes goofy.

My name is Thamara Angel-Erdelyi AKA Tami.

I’m a Pedagogue, teacher, and coach.

I love reading, studying and I love to teach. I’m a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur.


I’m a coffee lover and my driving force is connection and personal development.

Through my own life experiences and my background, I can now help and guide others on their

journey too. My passion and purpose is personal growth and I want others to grow along with me. I work a lot on

the mindset. If you change your mind you can change your life. But a human being is more than only

thoughts. So I approach each person holistically.


Throughout the coaching trajectory, I also identify

behavioral, spiritual, and emotional aspects.

My expertise is to raise your awareness and to help you live a more fulfilling life. I can help and guide

you when you have a goal but you are afraid to take the steps. Or you need an accountability partner

to set you accountable for the actions that you take or don’t take because of fear, procrastination, or

the idea that everything needs to be perfect. Throughout this journey, I will also help you with

identifying your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that disturb you from achieving your goals.

I also work with people who are stuck in their lives or if they have a heart’s desire but don’t know

how to follow their dreams or find their purpose. I go on a quest with them to discover their talents,

desires and live a more fulfilling life. From (un)awareness to purpose. This is a self-discovery journey.

I work also with Teenagers who have low self-esteem or are in need of more guidance in setting

goals and achieving them. I help them discover their talents, work on their self-image and improve

their self-esteem. If they have more self-esteem they will undertake more actions and be more

independent and achieve their goals and dreams.