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Meet Thamara

Certified Coach, Pedagogue and Teacher

Meet Thamara

Certified Coach, Pedagogue and Teacher

I am a multi-passionate coach who is honest, reliable, spontaneous, and sometimes goofy.

My name is Thamara Angel-Erdelyi AKA Tami.

I’m a Pedagogue, teacher, and coach. I love reading, studying and I love to teach. I’m a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur. I’m a coffee lover, and my driving force is connection and personal


Through my own life experiences and my background, I can now help and guide others on their

journey too.

My passion and purpose are personal growth, and I want others to grow along with me. I work a lot on

the mindset. If you change your mind, you can change your life. But a human being is more than only

thoughts. So I approach each person holistically. Throughout the coaching trajectory, I also identify

behavioral, spiritual, and emotional aspects.


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A fearless & purposeful life is within reach!

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A coach can help you to change your habits.

One of the habits I wanted to develop was discipline.

When you have "the right" coach, you can accomplish this.

Tami holds you accountable and she asks the right questions to motivate you.

Thank you, Tami. Keep up the good work.

- Marlynella Conception

Thamara is very dedicated and kind-hearted. She guided our daughter in a very professional way. She started this journey by making her think about her talents and building on trust. In a few months, I saw a daughter that is able to do more on reflection and has achieved also higher self-esteem.

- Celeste Johannes

As an entrepreneur, I sometimes walk into a mental wall. She helped me to think about what I really want and start doing the things that will help me to get there. Just by writing down these goals (nice tools btw), channeling what I am doing right now to achieve these goals, and some straight advice had helped me to clear my mind.

- Angelo Christiaan


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Phone: +5999 690 5920

Curacao, Willemstad

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